Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic Blackjack Strategy

John Scribner

December 12, 2022

Many players who are new to the game of blackjack are surprised to learn that blackjack is not a guessing game. Nor is it a game where decisions must be made on a whim. This fact makes blackjack different from most other betting games, which tend to be pure chance games.

 Following this strategy will guarantee the highest probability of winning the hand, as it will make you choose the most optimal mathematical strategy for the hand you received and will ensure that the more hands you play, your winnings will be maximized, and your losses will be minimized. Take a look at our blackjack strategy schematics and find out exactly how it plays.

Why Blackjack Strategy Works

Most card betting games lack a basic game strategy since the basic strategy can only exist when your opponent lacks the ability to make random decisions regarding his hand.

Your opponent can make the decision he wants, and there is no way of knowing if he really has a strong hand or not, so his strategic decisions will be based on his estimation of the quality of his opponent’s hand.

The basic blackjack strategy works because the dealer you are playing against cannot apply their judgment to the way the game is played. A card is always dealt face up, and very strict ask/hold rules must be followed. In this way, you will always know what the dealer will do in a given situation.

The Development Of Blackjack Strategy

For many years, there was no blackjack strategy, and the game was played like poker, and players had to guess the opponent’s next step from a selection of possible moves.

This all changed when Las Vegas casinos changed the rules in order to increase the popularity of the game and created a blackjack game in which the dealer only showed one card of the two that are dealt and could only ask in certain circumstances and should stay in other circumstances.

These new rules that affected the dealer mean that the dealer’s action is always predictable, which has allowed the development of the blackjack strategy.

In order for you to have a successful blackjack game session, it is vital that you apply a correct strategy for doubling down. To make things easier, here is a summary of a strategy for doubling down on blackjack. We suggest that you memorize it and follow it when you play, in order to optimize your chances of winning.

A Total Hand Value Of 11 In A Single Deck – fold against any card the dealer is showing.

A Total Hand Value Of 11 In Multiple Decks – double down on any card the dealer is showing, except when the dealer shows an ace.

A Total Hand Value Of 10 – double up against dealer cards 2 through 9 in both single-deck and multi-deck games.

A Total Hand Value Of 9 – fold against dealer cards from 3 to 6 in multi-deck games and 2 to 6 in single-deck games.

A Total Hand Value Of 8 – Never double down in multi-deck games. In single-deck games, only fold against the dealer’s cards of 5 and 6.

Be sure to check if the casino you are playing at or the variety of blackjack you are playing at allow you to fold in soft hands. If so, double down on a soft 11 and a strong 11. If you are not allowed, you must ask.

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