Craps Strategies

Craps Strategies

John Scribner

August 22, 2023

Craps is actually a very fast game. And while players can take their time making decisions when playing online, Craps players have to think fast and be prepared to make important decisions on the fly, without thinking twice. When all is said and done, there won’t be much information left to keep in memory.

To start learning simple and effective strategies to play craps, it is recommended to only make bets with the lowest house Margin. Later on, if you think you might be lucky from time to time, you may want to make some of those bets that have almost no chance of winning. So, let’s start our strategy by deciding which bets are best not to make, and which should only be rarely made.

Trick 1: Don’t Proposition Bets / Proposition Bets

These bets are determined with a single roll of the dice, and with a House Margin that is too high. Only the Any Craps bet carries a House Margin of more than 11%.

Trick 2: Don’t “Lay Bets.”

The 5% commission or vig, and the low odds associated with these bets, do not constitute a good offer from the casino. If you insist on making Lay Bets, the only way you can increase your winnings is by betting fixed amounts. Since the casino usually charges a 5% commission for every $ 20 wagered, it is advisable to bet with exact amounts. This will ensure a return of the winning jackpotking88 without giving the casino the opportunity to round them up. If you have the budget and are bent on making Lay Bets, do it only by betting multiples of $ 40 on 4 and 10, multiples of $ 30 on 5 and 9, and amounts of $ 24 on 6 and 8.

Trick 3: Make Buy / Buy Bets a few times

These bets also carry 5% commission but have higher odds/return odds than lay bets. They can even lower House Margin to a greater extent than Place Bets. But even so, it is advisable to refrain from making this type of betting. If after a while you get used to the table and want to mix your bets a bit, buy bets only at 4 or 10, because these are the only two numbers that, in a buy bet, produce the highest odds/odds in favor of the players (2: 1). Five and nine produce odds of 3: 2, and six and eight produce odds of 6: 5. Since casinos typically charge 5% commission on every $ 20 wagered (meaning a $ 5 bet and a $ 20 bet both have a $ 1 commission charge

Trick 4: Make Field Bets / Field Bets a few times

Although the House Margin is lower for these bets (5.5%) than many others, field bets are determined in a single roll, which implies much more risk than in extended bets. However, they are good bets for intermixing or when you have a hunch that the shooter will roll 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.

Trick 5: Make Place Bets in Multiple Denominations

To get full payout odds on a place bet, you will have to bet on multiple specific denominations. On 4, 5, 9, and 10, you should bet with multiples of $ 5, while on 6 and 8, you should bet multiples of $ 6. Any other amount will result in uneven amounts, which will be leveraged by the casino to round them up and achieve a standard payout amount. An additional trick to make place bets: do them only on 6 and 8. These numbers return a House Margin close to 1.5%, while 5 and 9 produce 4%, and ten a Margin close to 7%.

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